Why The Twilight Zone?

28 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday, I am starting a new weekly blog series about the Twilight zone?  Why the Twilight zone?  What about it makes it worth writing about week after week?

First off, this show is one of the most popular Television serials out there. It is certainly the most well known.  The thing about serials is that they give us short stories  that often emphasize a certain point within a certain amount of time.  In the last month, I have covered a lot of shorter stories for this very reason.  so, I have the ability to take access of those multi-varied stories, and consider the technical implications, the concepts presented, and much more.

I was also inspired to take on this because of a chapter in a book called The Truth is Out There: Christian Faith and The Classics of Science fiction.  The author emphasized that The Twilight Zone’s storytelling was influenced by Rod Serling’s understanding of humanity’s sinful nature. And so, this deeper theme encouraged me to look deeper into the subject, and so, here is this new series.  I hope you enjoy it, and are able to dive deeper into science fiction history together.

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Posted by on 2011/08/28 in Literature, Television


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