Inception and the Allure of the unreal

19 Aug

Inception is one of Breakthrough Director Christopher Nolan’s best films. The concept of the film was based around human dreams. What if we could enter them, and gain access to the human subconscious. Dicaprio acts as Dom Cobb, an expert thief and “architect” in the world of dreams. He is hired by an Asian Contractor to do the impossible; perform the “Inception” of an idea within the mind of another business man. However, Inception is almost impossible to fake. However, Cobb takes on this concept and has the opportunity to do something impossible.

(Spoilers) One of the plot constants is the constant conflict of one’s understanding of reality with one’s understanding of a dream. When we are in a dream, we are unable to tell the difference between dream and reality. If we knew we were dreaming, then it would remove a lot of the mystery and value of dreams in and of themselves. This division causes a danger to one’s understanding, as we see happen to Mal. Dom’s ex-wife. She is unable to give up the idea of the dream, and begins to believe that the real world is fake. This is because of a mistake made by Dom in Limbo. This mistake causes Mal to kill herself in hopes of “Rising into the real world”.

This is where the concept matters. This internal conflict within Dom is showcased by the fights and arguments between Cobb and Mal. Mal acts as both the source of guilt in his mistake, and the example of one who embraces the fantasy, the dream reality. Dom is the one who believes in reality, and his one constant source of hope; his children, and the opportunity to see them again.

This is a conflict that each one of us must engage. We each have a fantasy that we engage in. For many, it is online gaming, for others it is Television drama. For me, it is the world of Doctor Who. This reality is fun, and not inherently dangerous. Dreams are not harmful in and of themselves. It is the total embrace of them as reality, as the end-all that is dangerous. In doing so, we lose connection to our reality, and the relationships that make up our day.

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