TV Episode Spotlight: Doctor Who, “The City of Death”

11 Aug

Every once in a while, I’ll just throw out a post about a random episode of a TV show I saw recently that I thought was worth bringing up.  On this post, I write about the Doctor Who episode “The City of Death”, featuring the ever-popular Tom Baker.

First off, I am a huge Doctor Who.  I discovered him about nine months ago, and absolutely fell in love.  This British show is creative, thoughtful, and a lot more unique than many elements of Star Trek.  I can’t wait for the 2nd half of the 6 season.  Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor is absolutely brilliant.  However, let’s go back 30 years to the years of Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor.

The plot of this story is simple, The Doctor and his most recent companion Romana (A Time Lady and close friend) is touring Paris for fun, but gets caught up in a plot involving the theft of the Mona Lisa, and the very beginning of the Human race.

This episode is one of the favorites of Whovians everywhere. The placement of the British Doctor in the French Paris, the great villain, and the unique cultural dilemma makes for a memorable episode.  This episode had a lot of potential.  (Spoilers)  In the end,  it turns out that the Jagaroth (The main villain) was accidentally blown up millions of years ago, and his personality (if that makes sense)  was split across the fabric of time.  So, the Jagaroth wants to stop this explosion.  However, if he hadn’t done that, life on Earth would not have started.

Does the idea sound far-fetched?  I certainly agree. The idea of life being started by a accidental explosion is absolutely far-fetched.  It’s a great science fiction concept, but I just don’t want that to be true.  If it is, then it removes almost all purpose from living, and from reality.  Why should we continue if our life is accidental?  It is one of the reasons I find problems with Macroevolution.  It leaves much to be desired, and requires a real spark in order to begin instead of the random.

But that is of little consequence.  This episode was really fun, and my first taste of Tom Baker. And it was sublime.  Now, does anybody want a jelly-baby?

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