Following Falling Skies: “Mutiny”

08 Aug

The Episode “Mutiny” is another great ending, which pushes the plot forward, and develops the relationship between Mason and Weaver, as well as revealing major plot points to Mason and his crew. The story has Mason challenging Weaver’s authority because of the recent mental break he had, as well as his apparent addiction to drugs.  As the 2nd Massachusetts moves toward a faceoff with Skitter HQ, the leadership doesn’t need to be put into jeopardy because of one man’s choices.  Since Weaver had this mental break, and also revealed his extremely strong desire for revenge, that would cloud his ability to make logically sound choices in a battlefield.  Mason’s move to remove authority was honorable and worth his time.

We also have a further development in Ben’s physiological symptoms from being Harnessed.  He is able to hear certain frequencies that the Skitters use for communication. This puts him in a valuable position.  We also see Rick as he moves forward, and becomes more resistant.

This episode is working together to set up the climax, which finishes this season out.

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