Following Falling Skies Finale: “Eight Hours”

08 Aug

This episode finishes out the epically gripping first season of Falling Skies.  The story is very simple.  Weaver and the fighters in the 2nd Massachusetts have set out to bomb the Skitter HQ, but are finding difficulties.  Meanwhile, Rick turns on the entire 2nd Mass, while Ben is still learning to access his new abilities.  Tom has to handle all of this.

This episode was action-packed, and really captivating.  I did want to notice that this story did really bring out more “curiousities” about the Skitters.  First off, they reject one of their own (Rick), while also being puzzled by our behavior.  The ending really brought that out when they asked to “Negotiate”.  It was mind blowing.

What is great is that the 2nd Mass is finally finding weapons they can use against the Mechs, and are turning the combat tides.

Overall, the season was thrilling, gripping, and enjoyable.  It was a great show that was action packed and thoughtful.  I cannot wait for the next season.

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