Following Falling Skies: “What’s hiding beneath”

07 Aug

“What’s Hiding Beneath” is one of those episodes that turn your understanding of a Television show’s mythology topsy turvy.  The episode centers around Weaver, his lack of sleep, and his resulting paranoia.  Tom, Hal, and Weaver are sent on a scout mission to investigate the Skitters’ structure, and the paths for getting to it, and the weaknesses.   This leads to a number of discoveries, including the introduction of a third race, the discovery of a harnessed Hal’s old Love interest,, the creation of a “Mech-piercing Bullet”, and the real purpose of Harnesses.  This episode works to set up the pinnacle of the season, which premieres tonight.

Every piece of mythology that has developed has pushed us further and further in the world of Falling Skies.  But this time, everything is becoming clear.  The Harnesses act as the source for creating Skitters.  We see a autopsied skitter laying there, and it’s spine being imprinted by the Harness.  That means that the skitter is based off of some form of parasitic critter.  This has huge implications for the use of Harnessed kids.  It’s almost terrifying.  This new revelation gives us an answer to the question “What are Skitters?”  and “How do they think?”

The introduction of a third “Commanding” species makes for another interesting conversation, and potential plotline to play with.  How do they work, can they fight, and what makes them special for leading the troops?

All of this sets up a climax that I can’t help but be excited for.  I really am excited to see this final face-off, and the set-up for the next two episodes.  So, you can expect the analysis of the final two episodes of the season tomorrow.

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