Following Falling Skies: “Sanctuary” Part two

07 Aug

This episode concludes “Sanctuary”, which acts as certainly the the most questionably ethical episode yet.  It turns out that Clayton (I was saying Nelson.  Sorry) was trading kids in for “immunity from the skitters”. However, he always used other people’s kids.  So, when Mike and Hal discover it, they attempt to break the 2nd Massachusetts’ kids out.  However, Clayton isn’t giving up on such an easy source as they were.

(Spoilers)This episode is the not the first episode where man has turned on their fellow man, but it is the first where a mam was willing to work with the Skitters.  Clayton’s choices to work with Skitters, who clearly have different intentions then any human, are troublesome to say the least.  What seems to have had conquered his senses was his desire to “Survive”.  Tom Mason said that this is combat rule #1.  It isn’t that I believe it to be a bad rule; I just believe that it shouldn’t be our only primary drive.  If Clayton had kept in mind that he had a number of principles to live by,  he may have been less willing to give up kids.  If he had remembered his responsibility to both his fellow man, and his fellow squadrons, then he might have chose something different.  I mean, if John Pope is willing to hurt you because of your choice, then you must have done something wrong.

On a side note, we see a new side for Weaver, where he is helpful and sympathetic towards the civilian population, as well as a ailing mother.

We also are introduced to the completely alien personality of Rick, who seems to have been more affected by the Harness than Ben.  I already have strongly bad feelings about Rick and his future.  It’s impossible to predict what he could do next.

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