Following Falling skies: “Sanctuary” pt. 1

05 Aug

This episode starts out with a bang; when Dr. Glass is attacked and held captive by a small family who want to run away with stolen goods.  They are stopped by Col. Clayton, the leader of the 7th Mass, a group who was wiped out during a Skitter attack.  Clayton warns the 2nd Mass of an upcoming attack, and of an opportunity to protect their kids by bringing them to a “sanctuary” of sorts.  But most parents, including Mason himself are divided on this.  They want to stay with their kids

This episode is yet again another fascinating look at how people react.  First off, most civilians in this episode were frantic, and willing to do anything.  They saw only their own current needs as an issue, instead of the larger picture, the picture of many working towards a larger goal.  This fear is an expected, but unassuring choice.  This is why a choice to bring their kids to safety is neglected.  The people fear loss, and would rather die with their kids, then live separately from them.  Is this choice a good one, or is it irrationally made?

Also, this episode puts a great emphasis of the reintegration of Harnessed Kids into the community.  Ben and Rick are the two main kids, and we see physical improvements in the kids.  It seems that the Harnesses may have physically enhancing effects on their victims.  This could be because of the expected slave labor.  It’s hard to say.  Also, it’s worth noting that the minds of the Harnessed kids are still conscious during their time with harnesses.  This means that they remember what happens, but just have a different perspective, one of submission instead of rebellion.  This is an interesting development, that certainly changes how we look at the harnesses and skitters.

Glass’ reaction to the attack at the beginning of the episode was another interesting element.  Glass was unused to such violence and treachery, and seemed to have been shaken up because of it.  Her reaction is one of fear.  Thankfully, Maggie gives her a pistol, which seems to act as a condolence, allowing her to vent her fears through the gun and it’s bullets.

Another notable element was Jimmy, and his return to combat. From his reaction to the (Spoilers) Skitter attack, he hadn’t been in a full attack before.  As Weaver said earlier, Jimmy “should have his arm around a cheerleader instead of fighting a war”.  Clearly, his reaction on that day shows Weaver’s statement to be true.

Finally, it’s worth noting the cliffhanger.  The Sanctuary is less of a sanctuary then was expected.  In fact, it was almost a team-up.  But that doesn’t change the situation.  Clayton was willing to work with Pope, and use what he knew for some ulterior motive.  And that all is going to set up something that no one will have ever, ever expected to come.

I cannot wait for the next episode.  It is going to be fantastic.

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