Following Falling Skies: “Silent Kill”

04 Aug

This episode was another fantastic story.  As a whole, it wrapped up the subplot of Tom going in to rescue his son Ben from the Harnessed kids.  However, it required a number of undesired risks, and challenges.  The most important was how to kill a skitter without making any noise.  In the last episode, we learned of a “Weak spot” that exists in the mouth.  We see Dr. Glass actually pull out a scalpel and stab it directly into the skitter’s mouth and brain.  It was a moment of agression that we wouldn’t have expected from a doctor.  But her pain, her past fueled that beyond anything the viewer may have expected.

Also, this episode explored both the accidental nature of death, and the purposeful nature of life. (Spoilers)  When one of the harnessed kids dies during the process of removal, we see Glass mourning this mistake.  However, she also goes to a baby shower for a friend, and finds encouragement there.  The death of the harnessed kid could have been stopped, but it wasn’t.  That is the random, sometimes even uncontrollable nature of death.  It’s almost impossible to predict when a person’s death will come. (Except on TV.  When you see that redshirt walk up, you know he’s a dead man)  Life is just as unpredictable.  But the pregnancy of this episode was something that the girl seems to desire.  She wants that.  And so, these sources of life and death counterbalance each other out, and keep the plot in balance.

Also, we gain a deeper insight into the seemingly renegade character Maggie.  She has a lighter side, and a history of cancer. This shows a softer side than just the tougher side she’s represented.  Also, she’s been working mainly as the replacement for the kidnapped love interest of Hal’s.  She probably won’t be Hal’s new love interest, but you never know.

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