Following Falling Skies: “Grace”

02 Aug

This episode is another great continuance of this continuous narratives.  Bishop tells the 2nd Mass that he has knows of a location with motorcycles, and will lead them.  Mason barely trusts him, but he allows it to happen.  Also, the doctors attempt to try and communicate with their captured Skitter.

This episode is fascinating because of the conversation about how to engage an enemy.  One could try ambassadorial tactics, or they could to be violent and make the opponent give in.  And both sides are prevalent in the conversation in this episode.  We learn so much about Skitters, and that they are willing to use Harnessed kids in combat.  It brought a great angle to the story.

On a minor note, there is a female character named Lourdes who seems to be competing for Hal’s romance.  She is a Catholic, and seems to be the only one maintaining her faith in this world of chaos.  I’ve been fascinated by her character, and where they’ve taken her theology.  Her faith is presented as more of a personal source of hope, instead of the soul-redeeming Gospel that is believed in by Catholics and Evangelical Protestants alike.  This is interesting, because it shows the writer’s perspective on faith.  However, her character’s faith certainly is admirable, and it’s nice to see her presented as a great source of faithful hope.

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