“In Time” and the value of time itself

01 Aug

A new 4 minute trailer was released for the science fiction film “In Time”, starring Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.  I saw this really long trailer, and was enamored by the concept.  I just don’t like Justin Timberlake in it.  He has a bad reputation for being just sex appeal. Anyway, the concept of time as a currency is fascinating, because it emphasizes many points that are worth considering.  The plot implies that in the story, humans figure out how to control the definite aspects of human growth, and of life itself.  It’s disconcerting.  Could man get to that point, and more importantly, should they even go in that direction?  It overrides the mortal nature of man, and puts him in a position that could make almost god-like.  This kind of power would corrupt all of humanity, and put them into a position that would cause many to break the normal moral code, potentially going into the areas of time-stealing, infanticide, and even population control.  So, this film has a really interesting concept that I am excited to see make it onto the screen.  However, I am not excited about Justin Timberlake and the expected R rating.  The trailer already revealed sexual content that will probably not have much purpose to the overall plot.  So, I hope the directors make the film worth watching for all people

The film will come out in October 28, 2011.  Check out the trailer here.  I will probably reviewing this film in the weeks following it’s release

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