Following Falling Skies: “Prisoner of War”

31 Jul

On this episode, our heroes attempt to rescue Mason’s son from the skitters, but are unable to do so.  They do bring back another character’s son.  The 2nd Massachusetts meets up with an old friend of Mason’s who is actually able remove the Harness that keeps the harnessed child under control.  Mason is also able to disable and capture a Skitter, to act as a prisoner, and a test subject.

This episode was far more interesting.  We see Mason’s son Hal react to the capture of his romantic interest, we are able to see some more of the intentions and abilities of the Skitters, and we even get a view into the skitter’s opinion of their human slaves when they (SPOILER) kill 5 silently harnessed kids.  But most importantly, it gave us a deeper look at the nature of the harnesses.  They seem to act as a simple mind control device, turning the children of earth into slaves.  Yet they are far, far more.  They put the victim into a state of addiction, where the host will die if the harness is removed.  Also, future episodes reveal that these things leave a lasting impact on the host’s body, and even creating what seems to be a mental link with the Skitters.  These disgusting devices seem to be far more sinister than we expect.  They remove one of the most integral things to humanity; their will.  With that removed, the humans are simply living machines, following the orders given to them.

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