Following Falling Skies: “Pilot Part 2”

30 Jul

This second part of the pilot introduces us to the further elements of the conflict, including the humans who chose the outlaw lifestyle. Mason and his troop investigate an armory, only to be captured by the man named Pope, and his outlaw band.  Pope is an ex-convict that is enjoying the Post-invasion world, and it’s chaotic trends.  In an attempt to trade, Pope demands that the 2nd Mass give them their best weapons.  However, Captain Weaver won’t give in.  So, the two forces are faced off with one another, and neither will budge

What this episode really explored was the continuous evil nature of humanity.  We see criminals still taking the lives of choices of others in order for them to find their definition of happiness. Pope finds that he fits within the chaos that is everyday life for the post-invasion survivors.  This perspective is a fascinating example that even in times of chaos, men do not change their patterns.  Not they would.

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