Following Falling Skies “Pilot Part 1”

30 Jul

Falling Skies was introduced to me by World Magazine, who said that this was a drama that was worth investing in.  So, I viewed the first pilot, and found it to be an extremely engaging drama.

The first episode centers around the 2nd Massachusetts, a group of humans who are resisting against the forces of “Skitters” and “Mechs”, who are out to destroy the human race.  This group has to continue moving, as they are led by a ex-military warrior, and a history professor named Tom Mason.  As an audience, we focus our time on Tom, and his adventures.  He and his two sons are the only two left from his family.  His wife was killed in the original attack, and his middle son was captured and “Harnessed” by the Skitters, though Mason doesn’t know this yet. This episode focuses on the troops moving from their current location to somewhere better, as well as Mason’s attempts at finding his son, while also keeping up his relationships, and protecting the 2nd Massachusetts.

What made this episode unique were the American Revolution themes.  The show consistently references to the Revolution, and the themes of human rights, freedom, and truth that surround it.  In fact, Mason studied the Revolution as his major.  So, we constantly see him pushing forward.  But most importantly, we always see human initiative.  Almost all of the group want to help Mason find the most important thing to him; his son.  even the younger warriors risk their lives in order to seek out Ben, the missing son.  And this is encouraging.  It shows a great example, that humans have the potential for greatness, even in times of chaos and trouble.

Overall, this show has a great lead.  It relies on a narrative-style story, that is akin to shows like “V” and “Lost”.  This over-arching narrative will allow for a unique exploration of it’s original themes. And that has me excited.

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