Seeking the Alphas: What is an Alpha?

26 Jul

So far, I’ve found the show ALPHAS to be engaging and thoughtful. But before we can go on, we need to answer one very simple question; What is an Alpha? I’ve defined this before in passing, but I want to delve into it, and the concept. The reason is that it is completely different than the Marvel-style mutants, or the characters in Heroes.

So, What is an Alpha? The Character Lee Rosen defines it as a “neurological difference that confers some kind of exceptional advantage”. So, one character has the ability to mentally and visually see and trace all elements of electromagnetic spectrum, something most human brains cannot even touch. Another has the ability to create and expand his physical abilities beyond their normal using the adrenaline in his body. These attributes are simply versions of normal human traits that are enhanced beyond their normal capabilities.

This definition is important, for it defines how the powers developed. Unlike Mutants, this development isn’t a new stage in genetic development. Instead, it’s simply a development in the human race. You could consider it to be random, or ordained by a higher entity. The show leaves that to be ambiguous for the moment. What we do know is that these men and women are defined by this trait, and it’s implications. And that makes it all the more interesting.



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