Seeking the Alphas: “Pilot”

23 Jul

syfy, information, reviewThis first pilot is what has hooked me to the show.  The episode starts off by introducing us to a random grocery worker who is receives a call, has access to a gun, and shoots.  Suddenly, we are then introduced to the Alphas, and their leader Dr. Rosen. This group is working to take on challenges where the Alpha gene is in play.  The next hour is a chase of heroes, of villains, and of discovering this gift in a storyline similar to both the X-Men and CSI.

This episode worked to establish both the mythos of the world and the characters.  First off, we had to understand what an Alpha is. It is a genetic development that enhances a certain aspect of the human mind, so that he or she has unique abilities, as well as unique weaknesses.  These are not mutations or evolutions, but abilities based in neurochemistry.  It makes things interesting.  We see powers ranging from influence to tracking electronic signals, to even being able to perfectly control your body.

As for the team, we are meeting characters, learning their quirks, and finding how they relate, or fail to relate. This kind of connection is unique within a group, especially on the first pilot.  Because each of the powers are unique to the character, it’s hard to define certain moral or ethical aspects of the ability without delving into the character. So, I won’t be focusing on character development or the special abilities of the main characters until the end of the season.

What this episode emphasized in it’s story was the reality of Alphas, and their abilities.  We saw it’s neutral nature, and how any individual can abuse and use it.  As Spiderman’s uncle once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

Overall, this episode establishes the human-ness of Alphas, both their evils, their goods, their flaws, their strengths, and most importantly, their uniqueness.  It has created a universe with a lot of potential, and especially a lot of character.

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