Burn-E and why the little things count

22 Jul

Burn-E is a fun short that came out on the WALL-E DVD that is one of my favorite Pixar shorts.  Shorts are usually meant to be entertaining, but I wanted to mention this item because of the minor theme.  BURN-E simply tells the story of a welding robot who is trying to complete his duties while WALL-E is running around on the AXIOM.  The whole thing starts because WALL-E puts his hand in a star cloud, which causes a clump, which also becomes a meteorite that destroys a part.  It’s BURN-E’s job to fix that part.  And the hilarity soon begins.  The film illustrates fairly well the idea that everything has an impact, even that ripple on the pond.  And it’s even better, because it’s really, really funny.  I personally recommend checking it out, because it will make you think, laugh, and enjoy quite a few sci-fi references (Think 2001: A Space Odyssey)

It should be on most DVDs, for you to enjoy.



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