Wall-E and the break in complacency

21 Jul

I’m a big Pixar Geek.  Whatever Pixar does, I love it.  It’s a fantastic company that engages all people through many genres.  Their movies are geeky in general, but they only have one film that I consider Science fiction, Wall-E.  This story of a robot finding love after 700 years is heart-breaking, fantastically unique, and engaging.  There is so much content that could be considered “Social Commentary”, including (SPOILERS) the overweight lazy cruise members, the mechanized crew, the tuned-out nature of them all, and even the babies.  But what stuck out to me as a theme is the break in complacency for the AXIOM  Buy ‘n Large has the AXIOM up as a ship that simply runs on patterns.  If there’s no challenges, then there are no problems.  If there are no problems, then everything is ship-shape. But what happens?  WALL-E happens.  WALL-E isn’t planned to arrive on this ship.  In fact, he’s a stowaway.  His arrival changes everything.  His discovery of the plant, his latching onto EVE’s rescue vessel, they all lead towards a breaking of complacency. He causes MO to leave his post, and chase after the “foreign contaminant” that is WALL-E.  WALL-E breaks stuff, he gets in the way, he’s almost like that preschooler you have who gets into the paints, and tries to replicate Picasso on the wall.

Most of us wouldn’t like this kind of change.  But this change sends everything towards it’s proper place.  The residents of the AXIOM aren’t supposed to be on this same pattern they’ve been on for 700 years.  They needed a reality check.  John and Mary were great representations of that, who, when they were removed from the “System”, they became lovable and almost human.  This also happened with the Captain B. Mcrea.  He acknowledged his real duty to the humans on-board the AXIOM, and took on the leadership role he was trained for.  As he himself said, “I don’t want to survive.  I want to Live!”  And that is exactly what he did when he took his first step towards defeating AUTO.  Overall, the singular arrival of WALL-E led to such a huge break in complacency that it saved the human race from absolute boredom and decay.

This movie has so much more to say than just about complacency and technology.  So, I recommend you check it out, at least once or twice.

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