The Dark Knight Rises, and the cost of an ideal

18 Jul

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Dark Knight Trilogy is on the top of my favorite series.  Nolan mixes great directing with a unique story, great writing, and even better points. The first two films did a great job of looking at both the costs, attributes, and reasons for Bruce Wayne to be Batman, as well as how the people have reacted to him.  This third film looks like it has just as much potential.  The trailer was recently released here, and is impressive.  What is notable about this trailer is the first lines, which go back to the character Ra’s Al Ghul  talking about Bruce becoming “more than just a man, devoting himself to an ideal, and becoming a legend”.  This idea has fueled the film throughout.  Since this film will end the series completely,I think that Nolan may use it to explore the true costs of being Batman.  And that is exciting.  It could show us how even an ideal isn’t enough, that it takes  more to keep going.  It could even show Bruce to be human.  Who knows?  All I can say, is that I am excited to see what is coming…..

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